The U.S. Congratulates Botswana for Being Selected to Host Kimberley Process Permanent Secretariat

Press Release

November 23, 2022

The United States extends its congratulations to the Government of Botswana and all Batswana for their selection as the future hosts of the Kimberley Process Permanent Secretariat.  The United States extends its support to Botswana as it prepares to host this important institution to stem the flow of conflict diamonds from global markets.  Botswana’s legacy of mining good governance makes it a welcome champion for transparency and accountability in the rough diamond trade.

Prior to and in advance of the Plenary meetings, the United States was pleased to support Botswana’s bid to host the Kimberley Process Permanent Secretariat, which was approved during the 2022 Kimberley Process Plenary meetings. With the United States as the source of 52 percent of global consumer demand for polished diamonds, the United States is proud to partner with Botswana – the world’s top producer in diamond value – for good governance and ethical trade in natural diamonds.

The United States is committed to a responsible, and sustainable diamond industry and is concerned that the Kimberley Process definition of a conflict diamond does not sufficiently address human rights and other important standards, including that Russia and Belarus abused consensus-based rules to block Plenary participants from discussing the implications for the Kimberley Process of Russia’s war in Ukraine and Russia’s diamond production.  The United States will advocate to expand the definition of a conflict diamond in the Kimberley Process, including during the formal review of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme in 2023.  The final Plenary communique formally included U.S. letters criticizing Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine and calling for action within the Kimberley Process.

The United States actively participated in the November 1-4 Kimberley Process Plenary in Gaborone and stands ready to partner with Botswana on breaking the link between conflict and diamonds.

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