Startup Smart – Entrepreneurship at Work

Notice of Funding

The Public Affairs Office requests proposals from organizations or individuals to host and instruct a series of educational sessions for youth entrepreneurs ages 18 – 35 in support of post’s America on the Move project which includes the following goals:

  • Provide accurate, compelling, timely, and audience-appropriate information about the United States – its history, culture and values.
  • Facilitate English language learning through access to English language speakers, resources, computers and the Internet.
  • Promote U.S. higher education through EducationUSA advising by providing international students with accurate, comprehensive, and current guidance on applying to U.S. colleges and universities.
  • Foster people-to-people connection, increase understanding, and build respect with host-country audiences through cultural programs.
  • Support continued engagement with U.S. government alumni, connecting them to local audiences through alumni programs where credible, local voices can share firsthand information about the United States and American values.

Program Description

Developing and implementing a business venture can be exciting and rewarding.  Being a successful entrepreneur takes knowledge, skills, business planning resources, and mentoring relationships. It also takes time, planning, patience and flexibility. This educational coursework series aims to help (50) young entrepreneurs develop the framework and skills to honestly evaluate and begin implementing their business idea.  This program will help connect young entrepreneurs with resources available in Botswana and learn more about entrepreneurship in both Botswana and the United States.

Proposals must directly address the topic of entrepreneurship and the grantee’s ability to design and implement an entrepreneurial training course.

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