June Hero – Kagoyarona Kakanyo

Kagoyarona Kakanyo

Kagoyarona Kakanyo is the Gender and Youth Advocacy Liaison for Botswana Family Welfare Organisation (BOFWA), who has always known that she was born for change. “My father showed me the true meaning of an advocate and diplomat, along with my mother who would whisper to me, ‘you are a powerful advocate, strong as steel.’” The 27-year-old project manager and consultant, who has been selected by United Nations agencies and NACA to lead campaigns and policy research, has travelled to very remote parts of Botswana, concluding, “there is so much diversity in Batswana youth, but most of us have not taken time to listen and understand their journeys.”

Her goal is to make the policies that shape the future, especially the integration of issues like sexuality, health, education, and employment towards a more holistic approach to youth development. Kagoyarona has ambitious goals for the next five years, including full integration of sexual and reproductive health services within the economic diversification hub; facilitating a youth consultative policy forum which engages directly with the President and Cabinet; and creating a Botswana Youth Parliament. An avid hip hop fan, her advice to young people is “let your lyrics match your beat.”