February Hero – Osego Winnie Ramotsisi

Osego Winnie Ramotsisi

Osego Winnie Ramotsisi, a 24-year-old UB student raised in Gabane, knows she was born to make the world a better place and identifies with the wisdom in: “I cannot do all the world needs, but the world needs all the good that I can do.” In between her classes, she volunteers in teaching and counseling roles with the Botswana Student Network, and has served in campaigns for the Ministry of Health and Wellness, NACA, Kagisano Society Women’s Shelter, Stepping Stones International, among others. In fact, it was her decision to serve young people which revealed her life’s purpose as a leader for young people, especially those who do not know where to turn and are suffering in silence. “I was very shy as a young girl, but gradually began to see that there are many youth in the same situations I faced before; thus, I realized that I could help them by facilitating sessions which lead them to make more informed, responsible decisions.” She is especially passionate about expanding access to education, as seen in her recent donate-a-pad campaign that raised funds for sanitary towels for girls.