Health  Alert – U.S. Embassy Gaborone, Botswana

Location:  Botswana

Event:  Evacuation Flight April 10 to Washington, DC

The U.S. Department of State has arranged a flight from Gaborone (Sir Seretse Khama Airport) to Washington, DC (IAD) on Friday, April 10, 2020.  The flight is currently scheduled to leave Gaborone early morning and transit through Eswatini before arriving in Washington, DC the morning of April 11.

The U.S. Department of State has already evacuated over 44,000 Americans from 78 countries worldwide, and the evacuation flight effort is coming to an end.  As such, this is likely your last chance to exit Botswana until commercial flights resume, which is unclear at this time and may be several months.  Return to the United States now, or be prepared to remain where you are.  The Department of State does everything it can to assist fellow citizens overseas, but cannot guarantee that this worldwide repatriation effort will continue indefinitely.  Do not wait to see if the situation will worsen before making the decision to return to the U.S.  Make the decision now.

The cost of the one-way flight to Washington, DC is as follows:

Adult Ticket: $1351.25

Child Ticket: $1125.25

Infant Ticket: $177.75

These costs will be paid through reimbursement to the United States Government after the repatriation.  All adult passengers will be required to sign a promissory note guaranteeing reimbursement.  A form will be sent to all passengers prior to the date of the flight with instructions.

Passengers are responsible for arranging their own travel from Washington, DC (IAD) to their final destination.

U.S. citizens who are interested in taking this opportunity to return home should contact the U.S. Embassy in Gaborone at the following link and fill out the form carefully, then submit:

Botswana Repatriation Request Form

If you are travelling with others, you must complete the form for each person in your group. Entering your data into this form will add you to a list to get separate emails with flight information and logistics.  If you have already completed this form, please do not complete it again.  If you have previously completed the form and no longer wish to depart Botswana, please contact us at so we can remove you from the list.

For those outside Gaborone, the evacuation flight will stop in Gaborone only.  Please contact for assistance or the numbers listed below if you are outside of Gaborone and are seeking evacuation.

Actions to Take: