G-West Crash Gate Preventative Maintenance – Justification

I recommend that CDC/PEPFAR, U. S. Embassy Gaborone, Botswana, use other than full and open competition for the acquisition of Preventative Vehicle Gate Maintenance for the Gaborone G-West Office Compound. The estimated cost for the base year is no more than $20,000.

Nature and/or description of the action being approved

CDC Botswana, as the primary tenant of the G-West office complex which houses U.S. Government PEPFAR implementing agencies, is procuring services for routine monthly and annual preventative maintenance of a Delta Model TT280/TT270 Linear Crash Gate System. The G-West complex features a compound access control (CAC) entrance consisting of 4 ram-proof hydraulic gates with independent mechanical operating systems (motor, hydraulic components) for each gate. The gates are arranged in pairs on either side of the Gate House with two gates for entry and two gates for exit from the compound.

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