U.S. Embassy Gaborone

Welcome to Embassy of the United States of America in Botswana

The Chief of Mission, assisted by members of the Embassy staff, conducts the official business of the Government of the United States of America in Botswana. This includes the negotiation of treaties and agreements, the exchange of information on problem of mutual interests to the two countries, and sending of a flow of information to the United States on various subjects to enable officials and citizens of the United States to understand the attitudes and interests of Botswana.

The Chief of Mission also endeavors to make United States policies better known and understood in Botswana. The Embassy of Botswana in Washington D.C., performs similar tasks on behalf of Botswana Government.

Job opportunities and the application process

Job Opportunities

The HR Office uses PNET, a commercial internet recruitment site, to advertise all of its positions. If you are interested in applying for vacant positions, you are required to link to the PNET online advertising and application facility.

General Services Office (GSO) Contracting and Procurement

Business Opportunities

In order for a Company to be considered for embassy contracts, the Company shall be able to meet, satisfy, understand, and comply with the requirements in the Notice to Potential Offerors.