Commercial Opportunities

U.S. Embassy Gaborone offers the following Commercial Services in conjunction with the U.S. Commerce Department:


Gold Key Service (GKS) allows a U.S. business to work with the Embassy to develop a personalized program of in-country meetings and activities to explore business opportunities, develop clients, find distributors, and meet with relevant Government of Botswana officials.

We arrange appointments for you with prescreened contacts whose interests and objectives match your own. Our Economic/Commercial specialist also accompanies you to meetings to provide counseling and local insight.  Our Gold Key unlocks doors by:

  • Ensuring you meet with only the best contacts who fulfill your company’s particular objectives;
  • Reducing your risk and your expenditure of time and money;

Your Gold Key Service includes customized market and industry briefings prior to your business meetings, plus a U.S. Embassy debriefing with the Economic/Commercial Officer to discuss the results of your meetings and appropriate follow-up strategies.

Cost: $700 for a company with 500 0r fewer employees, $2,300 for a company with more than 500 employees, $350 for a company with 500 or fewer employees that is exporting for the first time and $350 for subsequent days.

Delivery: Request is to be received six weeks prior to the arrival date.


We can generate contact information of Botswana-based firms focused on a sector of interest.  Please note that the number of potential contacts varies by sector.

Cost: $250 and up ( up to 15 contacts).

Delivery: 2-5 working days


The International Partner Search (IPS) helps you find potential agents, distributors, manufacturers, representatives, joint venture partners, licensees, franchisees, or strategic partners without even leaving the U.S. We will contact a large group of potential Botswana partners using the marketing materials you provide, and then identifying the companies that are interested and capable of becoming a viable representative for you in Botswana. The IPS report on these companies includes:

  • contact information and basic business profile on as many as five potential Botswana companies and representatives
  • each company’s opinion on the market for your product and/or service
  • the U.S. Commercial Service staff’s opinion on the contact’s level of interest and overall suitability
  • competition from local or third-country firms

Occasionally, overseas firms contacted may not be interested in the U.S. company’s offer. In these cases, the report will include information on the marketability of the client’s product or service, such as regulatory, trade, competitor and/or other factors that may prohibit or limit sales prospects in the relevant market. The report will also include the contact information on each local company or representative contacted.

The report companies includes: contact information and profiles, local market product evaluation and information concerning competition from local or third-country firms.

Cost: $550 for companies with 500 or fewer employees, $1,400 for companies with more than 500 employees and $350 for companies with 500 or fewer employees, who are exporting for the first time

Delivery: Reports are typically delivered within 30 business days following receipt of requisite info from the U.S. company.

Enclosed is a Request for Quotation (RFQ) for Civil works for Improvement of Stormwater Drainage System at an Official Residence
in Gaborone. If you would like to submit quotation, follow the instructions in Section L of the solicitation, complete the required portions of the
attached document, and submit it to the address shown on the Standard Form that follows this letter.

Your proposal must be submitted electronically to on or before June 26, 2023, by 10:00 AM. (No proposal will be accepted after this date and time.)

The Embassy of the United States of America in Gaborone, Botswana has a requirement for a contractor for Painting of Residential Property in Gaborone.

For a quotation to be considered, you must complete and submit the following:

1. Completed Cover Page Section “SF-1442”
2. Section 1, Pricing
3. Section 5, Representations and Certifications and ensure compliance with FAR 52.229-11 is completed with IRS Form W-14 found at www.irs.goc/w14
4. Additional information as required in Section 3

Direct any questions regarding this request for quotations to the Embassy Contracting Office telephone: 373-2356, Fax: 395-3951 or email: during regular business hours.

Your quotation must be hand delivered to the US Embassy in Gaborone on or before Friday, June 9, 2022, by 10:00 AM marked as follows: (No proposal will be accepted after this time.)