Art as Inspiration and Consolation

In March 2020 COVID-19 triggered a worldwide crisis. The goal of Young Africa Botswana quickly became to come up with different ways to provide support, guidance and inspiration to the youth.

The America on the Move project offered the perfect platform; this project is funded by the U.S. Embassy, it commenced in 2019, aiming at further developing young talents and artists and eventually stimulating the creative industry in Botswana. During this programme we have been using the rich history of American street art as inspiration. Street art is particularly interesting to youth, it originates from the informal, low threshold setting and has developed into a highly valued and commercial art form.

Knowing that the youth would be clinging onto social media for inspiration and information, in April 2020 we launched the “Art in Time of Corona” competition via the America on the Move Facebook page.

39 visual art works and 24 poems from young people all over Botswana were selected.