America on the Move Programming

Notice of Funding

The Public Affairs Office requests proposals from organizations or individuals to host and instruct a series of free educational and/or cultural sessions, or propose other innovative projects for the public in support of the mandates of post Gaborone’s mobile information center, America on the Move which include:

  • Provide accurate, compelling, timely, and audience-appropriate information about the United States – its history, culture and values.
  • Facilitate English language learning through access to English language speakers, resources, computers and the Internet.
  • Promote U.S. higher education through EducationUSA advising by providing international students with accurate, comprehensive, and current guidance on applying to U.S. colleges and universities.
  • Foster people-to-people connection, increase understanding, and build respect with host-country audiences through cultural programs.
  • Support continued engagement with U.S. government alumni, connecting them to local audiences through alumni programs where credible, local voices can share firsthand information about the United States and American values.

Program Description

America on the Move is a pop-up center that shares American culture and values with the Botswana public through various activities and programs and promotes the creation of spaces for dialogue, education, and outreach.  It utilizes a mix of technology and person-to-person programming to increase avenues of community engagement, education, and empowerment throughout Botswana. The U.S. Embassy seeks programming partners to present activities based upon the goals identified above. Activities could include lessons, lectures, and traditional learning environments, but could also include efforts focused on media or digital literacy, language clubs, or other innovative ideas.  All proposals must align with a priority area:  health, governance, economic development, education, environment, or security.

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